NIcky Leigh


Her work combines both colour and form, with a keen eye for her surroundings, creating a vision of light and dark translated into shades and hues of vibrant complimentary colours.

Nickys' graphic approach brings a simplicity to the forms she creates, both from nature and the more formal architectural statements. Normal views are translated by her unique ability to translate her version of light and dark into stunning and colourful shapes of vibrant complimentary colours - coupled with a natural observation and empathy toward her surroundings.

Nicky is available for commissions and to discuss her work upon request .

Nicky Leigh

Nicky Leigh
Born 1960

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Nicky Leigh

Painter. Born in 1960

‘Nicky's painting, reference both her academic background and her abiding interest in the emotional content of colour itself. The juxtaposition of decorative planes lends a characteristic visual dynamism to her work.'




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